IRISH STORY is a modern take on a Japanese classic. It is a heartbreaking tale, tragic, unsentimental, but suffused with a belief in the ability of decency and dignity to survive under the most terrible circumstances. It is set in feudal Ireland, where the compassionate Governor of Liscannor Province is banished by a feudal lord for disobeying an edict, which would have ravaged Liscannor. Before he leaves, he gives his son an amulet of the Goddess of Mercy, and tells him, “Without mercy, man is like a beast. All men are created equal, everyone is entitled to happiness.”

One year later, his wife, Mirin, and children, Rowan and Ciara, journey to join him in exile, but are tricked on the journey by a woman dressed as a priestess and sold into slavery and prostitution. The mother is sold to the prostitute island of Coonaclare. The children are sold by slave traders to a manorial estate in the Liscannor Province, where slaves are brutalized and branded whenever they try to escape. The estate is administered by the eponymous Sethanach, a vile and brutal man. The children grow to young adulthood at the slave camp. Ciara is beautiful and still believes in the teachings of her father, but Rowan, now strong and proud has repressed his humanity, becoming one of the overseers who brand other slaves in the belief that this is the only way to survive.



The movie is told from the point of view of the island Cuba, as though a character. Fidel Castro is a boy growing up with his younger brother Raul on his father’s sprawling ranch. Fidel discovers the body of a farm worker hanging from a tree. The man killed himself because he had been fired by Fidel’s father along with many others. Fidel aims his bicycle directly at a brick wall. If his father will not recall the working men, Fidel will ride straight into the wall. Fidel crashes headlong into the wall. As he lies unconscious in the hospital, his father declares ‘this boy is a fighter’…

Aged eighteen, Fidel arrives at Havana University to study law. An older student, Abel tells Fidel that there is no law in Havana. Abel takes Fidel through bustling humid Havana to the Nacional Hotel. Surrounded by mobsters including casino boss Meyer Lansky, they find Carlos Prio, President of Cuba. This, says Abel, is the source of unrest. ‘But where is the resistance?’ asks the rebellious Fidel. Fidel finds the resistance he is looking for underground, in a basement hall.



The What you see and hear will make you very uncomfortable. This film is based on the convergence of the three ‘conspiracy’ theories of Polar Shift, Underground Bases and Scalar Technology. What links these together is beyond disturbing, and threatens every one of us. The world is a loaded gun waiting to go off. The story is told through the eyes of a young woman whose military husband has died unexpectedly on a US base, leaving her with an eight year old autistic son. She cannot communicate with the boy, that was his father’s specialty. The boy lives in an autistic world, compartmentalizing everything and perceiving the world very differently from you and I.

1. Polar shift is a phenomenon whereby the magnetic poles flip such that what was once the equator becomes the pole, and vice versa. It has happened before. The ice captured at the poles will melt, causing sea level rises of between 50 – 80 metres, redefining the shape of continents.  Tectonic reactions will cause volcanic chaos, as will inundation – the water–in-the-bath effect – mega tsunamis will invade inland by 25 miles.