Why Invest in Film?

Investors invest in projects that are clear and open. The film industry requires continual new product for both the cinema and television, however there are inherent risks in film investment as although it can garner unusually high returns it is considered at the high risk end of a portfolio. A trilogy such as the EPIC is not usually available to individuals, being in the terrain of studios and broadcasters, their costs are three to six times higher relative to ours.

There are two kinds of film finance, Development and Production. We are seeking the first kind only, Development Finance. The second, Production Finance, is sourced from individuals, broadcasters, studios, and combinations of these. There are several ways a producer can cover production costs prior to spending Production Finance – tax credits, pre-sales, State subsidies, equity et al.

The Development Investment will pay for an essential ‘package’ for Production Investors – pitch deck, business plan, script, budget, casting ideas, design, locations. Development Investment is repaid in full on the first shoot day of PALE KING, the only risk therefore for a Development Investor is that Production Finance is not achieved. Possible but unlikely as 3 US studios already have a Mahabharata trilogy on their radar, and have significant presence in India. The plan is to make three films, however Development Investors will have recouped in full from the first.