The movie is told from the point of view of Cuba, as though a character. Fidel Castro is a boy growing up with his younger brother Raul on his father’s sprawling ranch. Fidel discovers the body of a farm worker hanging from a tree. The man killed himself because he had been fired by Fidel’s father. Fidel aims his bicycle directly at a brickwall. If his father will not recall the work-force, Fidel will ride straight into the wall. Fidel crashes headlong into the wall. As he lies unconscious in the hospital, his father declares ‘this boy is a fighter’…

Aged eighteen, Fidel arrives at Havana University to study law. An older student, Abel tells Fidel that there is no law in Havana. Abel takes Fidel through bustling humid Havana to the Nacional Hotel. Surrounded by mobsters including casino boss Meyer Lansky, they find Carlos Prio, President of Cuba. This, says Abel, is the source of unrest. ‘But where is the resistance?’ asks the rebellious Fidel. Fidel finds the resistance he is looking for underground, in a basement hall. The next day he takes on the political gangs himself.

Unarmed, Fidel faces the machine-guns on the University Steps, the gangs backs down. As they leave, a beautiful young woman approaches Fidel, Mirta. Mirta has become Fidel’s wife. They have a baby on the way and Fidel’s campaign against the corrupt government is growing apace. Mirta is worried that Fidel is not bringing money in to support her. But Fidel is not worried about danger, or paying bills. He faces the corrupt President and wins.

On the steps of Havana University, a bigger enemy than the gangs has reared its head.The university is surrounded by police cars. Tanks advance through Havana. General Batista has seized power in a military coup.

As his baby is born, Fidel’s mind is on revolution. He dares to fight back. Celia Sanchez, a revolutionary young woman from across the island, is willing to listen to Fidel’s plan. A plan, and a passion, begins to grow. The plan is crazy. Fidel will lead a group of rebels against one of Batista’s biggest fortresses – Moncada Barracks. Fidel believes that the whole country will rise up if he can just take the for tress. Joined by his younger brother Raul, Fidel’s small group of rebels prepare for their impossible task. But not every- one is with him. And Mirta tells him it is over. She will take their son and leave. Fidel is now wedded to the revolution….

When Batista finds out about the attack, he authorises a ruthless response. A rebel is tortured to death.Fidel is captured.Fidel – in court for murder and treason – turns the tables on Batista, becoming the accuser. History, Fidel declares, will absolve him. The court-room goes wild for Fidel. He meets Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara in Mexico, they return to Cuba to fight Batista and are tricked. Fidel sells out a close ally to avoid being devastated by Batista’s forces and … the rest is history. Sun, sex and Latin juice run riot. But power corrupts; Fidel sells out Camillo and Che…