About us

Triggerfish International was formed in 2020 to produce the Epic trilogy and three other films, it owns the IP of all of them. A deck (Memorandum of Investment), and business plan are available for the EPIC trilogy, PALE KING is the first film. All three films are included in the investment offer;  PALE KING will be scripted, EXILE and DOOM OF HEROES will each have long form treatments, and all three will have budgets of approx. $130m.

The original poem (MAHABHARATA) is the world’s longest poem and has been a core part of Hindu culture for over 2000 years. Its relevance for movies is that it is crammed full of brilliant stories such that even in 3 x approx. 2 hour films we will only be able to include about 10% of the epic. It is magical, fantastical and …. as one famous voice said “What is here is elsewhere, what is not here is nowhere.” It has never been made for cinema before to this standard of excellence, using the 21st century techniques of CGI and Motion Capture.

The other three films – CASTRO, IRISH STORY & GUEST LIST – are all remarkable in their own right, detail on each is available on request. Re the trilogy, our USP is that all EPIC investment is repaid from the production budget of the first of the three films to be made, plus 10%. We intend to make all three, but investors will be repaid in full from PALE KING, with box office and other revenue profit down the line after the films’ releases.

The team behind Triggerfish International Ltd consists of successful individuals in their particular fields. Their profiles are on P8 in the deck. Connections in both Hollywood and Bollywood are strong, we are embarking on an extraordinary and exciting journey which will not repeated, and we invite you to review the EPIC deck. We look forward to talking to you.